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Beer Flights

Choose any 3 Sample Sized Drafts $12 - 7oz.

*Beers subject to change. Ask your server about our beers on special.

Draft Beers

  • Abita Andygator
  • Amstel Light
  • Angry Orchard
  • Batch 19
  • Blue Moon
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Dos Equis Amber
  • Dos Equis Lager
  • Guinness
  • Harpoon IPA
  • Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA
  • Harpoon UFO White
  • Heineken
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout
  • Lederer Pilsner
  • Miller Lite
  • Newcastle
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Palm Ale
  • Radeberger
  • Redd’s Apple Ale
  • Swamp Ape IPA
  • Sam Adams Lager
  • Sam Adams Seasonal
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Seasonal
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
  • Strongbow
  • Sweet Water 420
  • Tucher Hefeweizen
  • Yuengling

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Bottle Beers

Lager Beers

  • New Planet Tread Lightly
  • Anchor Steam Beer
  • Carlsberg
  • Chang
  • Imperial
  • Honey Brown
  • Heineken
  • Blue Point Toasted
  • Miller Lite
  • Coors Light
  • Yuengling
  • Amstel Light
  • Peroni
  • Killians
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager
  • Sam Adams Light
  • St. Pauli Girl

Ale Beers

  • Theakson Old Peculiar
  • Oskar Blue’s Dale’s Pale Ale
  • New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale
  • Cigar City Maduro
  • Holy Mackerel Strong Golden Ale
  • Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Belgian-Style Ale
  • Inlet Monk in the Trunk
  • Victory Golden Monkey Tripel
  • Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue)
  • Chimay Premier Ale (Red)
  • St Martin Blonde
  • Corsendonk Brown
  • Unibrew La Fin Du Monde
  • Unibrew Terrible
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Abita Amber
  • Abita Turbo Dog
  • Bell’s Amber
  • Brooklyn Brown Ale
  • Brooklyn Local 1
  • Brooklyn Local 2
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
  • Chimay Cinq Cents (White)
  • Singha
  • Well’s Bombardier
  • Fullers ESB
  • Fullers London Pride
  • Napa Smith Amber Ale
  • Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
  • Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale
  • Shipyard Export Ale
  • Rogue Hazel Nut Brown
  • Honey Brown
  • Key West Sunset Ale
  • Victory Helios

IPA Beers

  • Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
  • Terrapin Hopsecutioner India Pale Ale
  • Bells Two Hearted Kalamazoo
  • Harpoon IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
  • Stone IPA

Wheat Beers

  • Hope Helle Weisse
  • Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale
  • Bell’s Oberon
  • Erdinger Weissbier Dark
  • Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
  • Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Porter Beers

  • Mississippi Mud
  • Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
  • Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
  • Fuller’s London Porter

Stout Beers

  • Victory Storm King Imperial
  • Young’s Double Chocolate
  • Bells Kalamazoo
  • Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Lambic Beers

  • Lindeman’s Lambic Framboise (Raspberry)
  • Lindeman’s Lambic Kriek (Cherry)
  • Lindeman’s Lambic Pêche (Peach)
  • Timmerman’s Strawberry Lambic


  • Crispin Original Hard Cider
  • Crispin Honey Crisp Cloudy Hard Cider
  • Crispin Browns Lane
  • Fox Barrel Pacific Pear
  • Magners Cider
  • Magners Pear Cider

Non-Alcoholic & Tea

  • Buckler 1988
  • t. Pauli Girl NAS
  • Twisted Tea

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Draft Beers

(Beer Subject to change based on availability)

All Draft Beers ½ price from 4 p.m. – 7 p. m.

Abita Andygator

a creature of the swamp is a unique high-gravity brew made with pale malt, German lager yeast, and Germal Perle hops. Unlike other high-gravity brews, Andygator is fermented to a dry finish with a slightly sweet flavor and subtle fruit aroma. Reaching alcohol strength of 8% by volume, it is a Helles Dopplebock. ABV 8% – $7

Amstel light

As the first importer to introduce light beer in 1980, we led the American light beer revolution with delicious Amstel Light. At just 95 calories per bottle, its unique mixture of barley and hops delivers a full – never diluted – flavor that’s just as tasty as regular beer. Born in 1980. ABV 3.5% – $5

Angry Orchard

Cincinatti, OH. The crisp and refreshing cider mixes the sweetness of the apples with a subtle dryness for a balanced cider taste. The fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make this cider hard to resist. ABV 5% – $7

Batch 19

Pre prohibition lager $6

Blue Moon

Unfiltered for more depth of flavor. Light, spicy citrus flavors go great with chicken, seafood, and pork. Make from white wheat oats, coriander & orange peel. ABV 5.4% – $6

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn, New York. 1988 Lager beer, “Vienna” style. Displays a firm malt center supported by a fine bitterness and floral hop aroma. Aromatic Qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping,” the centuries-old practice of stepping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. Food Pairing – Steaks, salads, pizza, burgers, Mexican food, roasted chicken, barbecue, fried fish, pork, and Chinese dishes. ABV 5.2% – $7

Dos Equis Lager

Fresh, crisp, and golden. It’s more like a pilsner than a traditional lager. BAV 4.45% – $5


Smooth, light head to the bittersweet reward. Unmistakably Guinness beer from the first velvet sip to the last lingering drop. Every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between $6

Harpoon IPA

an English-style IPA with generous amounts of fresh hops and barley. ABV 5.5% – $7

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA

is brewed with tons of pale malt and just enough caramel malt to provide a sweet malt body to balance the hop intensity. We used copious amounts of variety of hops including Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo at various points during the boil to create a complex hop flavor and clean lingering bitter finish. We then fermented the beer with Harpoon’s own versatile proprietary yeast. Finally, we dry hopped at a rate of over 1lb a barrel to produce this beer’s massive aroma. ABV 10% – $8

Harpoon UFO White

Boston, Massachusetts. 1987 UFO – Unfiltered Offerings Spiced wheat beer. Brewed with orange peel and a unique blend of spices. Appearance: hazy, golden yellow. Aroma: strong aroma of coriander and orange. Mouth feel: on the sweeter side of wheat beers. Taste: orangey, sweet, cracker-y wheat. Finish: light on the palate, quenching. ABV 4.9% – $7



Murphy’s Irish Stout


Lederer Pilsner

Clean, crispy. Traditionally brewed pilsner from Germany. ABV 5.27% – $7

Miller Lite

Chicago, Illinois. 1975. Pale lager. Miller Lite won a gold medal at 2010 Great American Beer Festival for Best American Style Lager or Light Lager. Triple hops brewed process. Paired well with lighter foods such as – salads, salmon, and bratwurst. ABV 4.2% – $5


Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1927. Brown Ale. Features fewer hops for a less bitter taste. A blend of light and dark malts of a unique, smooth flavor and a cold temperature for easy drinking. ABV 4.7% – $6

Pabst Blue Ribbon

A premium lager crafted with a hefty infusion of 6-row barley, a carefully balanced carbohydrate profile from corn syrup, and a unique combination of pacific domestic hops blended with an imported Yugoslavian variety.  Fermented with a pure culture of yeast and aged at high gravity, PBR is cellared and finished to the smooth, robust likeness of a fine Pilsner. 4.74% ABV – $5

Palm Ale

Has long been one of Europe’s top-selling specialty beers and when you taste it, we think you will know why. Made with English hops, French Barley, and Belgian yeast, Palm represents the best of European beer-making traditions. It’s the roasted Champagne Malt which gives Palm its amber color, but without being heavy. Palm is a great alternative to traditional pilsners and lagers for the beer drinker looking for something a little different. ABV 5.4% – $6


Eastern Germany. 1872. This pilsner style results in the smooth, highly fermented, rich taste of the hops and full-flavored malts with a very crisp and clean finish. Sponsor at Disney World. ABV 4.8% – $7

Redd's Apple Ale

An Ale (Not a Cider)  With all natural apple flavor and caramel color  5%ABV – $6

Swamp Ape IPA

Melbourne, Florida. 2010 Double IPA. Fresh and lively hop character from five hop varieties. Pours a slightly orange-0tinted gold with little head and actively rising carbonation. Aromas are a fairly nice mix of citrusy and tropical. Intense hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma balanced by complex alcohol flavors. Moderately fruity esters and a medium malt character. ABV 10% – $8

Sam Adams Lager

Boston, Massachusetts. 1984. Color: Deep amber included two-row malted barley and Nobel aroma hops. Flavor: full-bodied and complex malty sweet balanced with distinct citrus, pine, and spicy notes. A strong, smooth finish and mouth feel. Named “Best Beer in America” in the consumer preference poll at the Great American Beer Festival. AbV 4.9% – $5

Sam Adams Seasonal

(Ask Server)

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Chico, California. 1980. Classic pale ale with deep amber color. The fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor are the result of the generous use of Cascade Hops. ABV 5.6% – $8

Sierra Nevada Seasonal

(Ask Server)

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA

Chico, California. 1980. Big American IPA. Bold, assertive, and full of flavor. Reddish: Gold color aromas highlighting the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone American hops. ABV 7.2% – $7


England. 1962. World’s leading cider. A blend of bitter-sweet cider and culinary apples, with 50 different varieties of apple used. ABV 5% – 6$

Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale

Sweet Water’s most popular brew, is a tasty west coast style pale ale with a stimulating hop character and a crisp finish.  1st brewed on April 20th 1987, 5.4%ABV – $6

Tucher Hefeweizen

Germany. This is a crisp wheat beer. Deep gold, foamy, beautiful malt nose, dry, very fresh, and crisp. $8


Pottsville, Pennsylvannia. 1829. Amber lager. America’s oldest lager. Famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt and a combination of cluster and cascade hops. Yuengling is now the largest US owned brewer that makes all if its beer in America. Pairs well with wings, pizza, and cheese dip. ABV 4.4% – $5

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Bottle Beers…

Lager Beers

*Beers subject to change. Ask your server about our beers on special.

New Planet Tread Lightly(Gluten-Free)

made from fermented sorghum and corn, hops and yeast. It is a bright beer with light taste and body and without the after taste of other sorghum-based beers. (Colorado) ABV 5%

Anchor Steam Beer - San Francisco, California- 1896

Brewed in large shallow tanks that produce “Steam” when fermenting Deep amber color, thick creamy head, loaded with cascade hops The classic American craft brew, like no other beer in the world

Chang Beer - Thailand

The #1 beer in Thailand, S.E Asia Smooth, crisp, and refreshing Aroma is smoky, plenty blend of sweet, green apples and full bodied vanilla The color is rich, golden honey. The flavor is unique, balanced, mild malty-ness combines with a hoppy character The beer is smooth, rich and refreshing Great, paired with spicy food ABV 5%

Imperial - Costa Rica- 1924

Imperial® is brewed using only the finest ingredients including, rainforest spring water making it a product which truly embodies the spirit and natural beauty of Costa Rica Calories 150 Carbohydrates 13.845 grams Protein 3.59 grams Style: Dortmunder Lager ABV 4.6 %

Chang Beer - Thailand

ager infused with a touch of honey Food Pairing- Enjoyed with everything from Steaks to salads. Great at home with pizza, burgers, Mexican food, roasted chicken, barbecue, fried fish, pork, and Chinese dishes ABV 4.5%

Heineken - Netherlands. 1873.

Pale Lager, Heineken takes a better part of a month to brew, that extended “lagering” gives Heineken its distinctive flavor and clarity. ABV 5%

Blue Point Toasted Lager

Award winning toasted lager. Copper in color this brew is made from six different malts including: English Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Wheat and Belgian Caravienna. Toasted Lager displays a balanced flavor of malt and hop which makes for easy drinking. Special lager yeast is used to produce that long lasting, smooth finish. The “toasted” part of the name refers to our direct-fire brew kettle’s hot flames that impart a toasted flavor to our most popular microbrew. ABV 5.3%

Miller Lite - Chicago, Illinois. 1975.

Pale lager. Miller Lite won a old medal at 2010 Great American Beer Festival for Best American Style Lager or Light Lager. Triple hops brewed process. Paired well with lighter foods such as – Salads, Salmon and Bratwurst. ABV 4.2% (16oz Aluminum Pint)

Coors Light - Golden, Colorado. 1978.

Pale Lager, known as the “Silver bullet”. Sponsor of NASCAR. Paired well with lighter foods such as – Salads, Salmon and Bratwurst. ABV 4.2% – (16oz Aluminum Pint)

Yuengling - Pottsville, Pennsylvannia. 1829.

Amber lager, America’s oldest lager, famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt and a combination of cluster and cascade hops. Yuengling is now the largest US owned brewer that makes all of its beer in America. Pairs well with wings, pizza and cheese dip. ABV 4.4%

Amstel Light

Introduced in 1980, Pale Lager. At just 95 calories per bottle, its unique mixture of barley and hops delivers a full-never diluted-flavor that’s just as tasty as a regular beer. ABV 3.5%

Peroni - Lombardia, Italy 1963.

Premium Lager. ABV 5.1%

Killians - Ireland.

A full bodied Irish red lager. Smooth, distinctively malty, clean and a little creamy. Flavorful, but not heavy. ABV 4.9%

Sam Adams Boston Lager - Boston, Massachusetts. 1984.

A full bodied complex lager. Malty sweet balanced with distinct citrus, pine and spicy notes. Strong smooth finish. ABV 4.9%

Sam Adams Light - Boston, Massachusetts. 2001.

Brewed using only two-row malted barley and Bavarian noble hops, Sam Adams light has a malt character that is balanced with the citrus fruit notes of the Noble hops. ABV 4%

St. Pauli Girl - Bremen, Germany. 1857.

Pilsner Lager, A deep golden color, distinctive full-bodied taste and “hoppy” aroma. This Girl has been a Gold Medal winner for the American Tasting Institute Best Full Calorie German Lager. ABV 4.9%

Samuel Smith Organic Lager - Tadcaster, England - 1758

Organic Lager Lightly kilned organic lager malt grown in the UK with an addition of organic Vienna malt and organic hops from New Zealand Certified organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soils Association A full-bodied lager with lots of malt and hop character, perfectly balanced As an aperitif, or with Quiche Lorraine, Crab Louis, poached salmon, or grilled halibut ABV 5%

Asahi Super Dry - Japanese Rice Lager

Japan’s #1 Beer Asahi means “Rising Sun” in Japanese ABV 5%

Kalik - Bahamas-

German style lager, pale gold in color, light hop aroma, flavor, finish and aftertaste. Kalik is the #1 best selling beer in the Bahamas ABV 5%

Orange Blossom Pilsner - Orlando, FL- 2003

Bronze Medal Winner at GABF A honey beer using 30% Orange Blossom Honey. The yeast ferments the sugar in the honey and leaves behind a dry, crisp beer with a delicate orange blossom and honey character. Pours a golden color with a small white head. Has a fruity orange aroma. Fruity malty grainy orange flavor. ABV 5.5%

Spaten Optimator - Germany.

This is the world’s finest dark beer. A dopplebock beer bottom fermented. It has a deep and dark colored rich, malty taste. Spaten’s strongest beer! ABV 7.2%

Thomas Creek, Up the Creek

a hoppy behemoth of a beer with its alcohol well hidden. (South Carolina) 12.5% ABV

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Ale Beers

Theakson Old Peculiar:

roasted and vinous notes with a subtle bitter aftertaste”. Strong fruitiness, often with banana notes (England) ABV 5.6%

Oskar Blue's Dale's Pale Ale:

Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and four kinds of American hops, it delivers a blast of hop aromas, a rich middle of malt and hops, and a thrilling finish. (Colorado) 6.5% ABV

New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale: (Gluten-Free)

Made from sorghum, corn extract, natural raspberry puree, orange peel, hops, and yeast. Not overly sweet, the Oregon grown fruit puree creates a beautiful body color with a natural raspberry flavor. (Colorado) ABV 5%

Cigar City Maduro:

A hearty brown ale that benefits from the silky mouthfeel provided by oatmeal, pairs great with Cigars (Tampa) 5.5% ABV

Holy Mackerel Strong Golden Ale - (Florida):

A strong golden ale brewed in the Belgian tradition. Dry yet flavorful – complex yet refreshing. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and with just a hint of spice this beer is meant to be savored slowly so as to enjoy the aroma as well as the taste. 8.5%

Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Belgian-Style Ale - (Florida):

Eye popping flavor from a blend of Canadian malted barley, Goldings hops, and a unique flavorful Belgian yeast strain. Serve it up in a goblet or wine glass and remember try and relax! ABV 10%

Inlet Monk in the Trunk - (Florida):

This unique copper-colored ale derives its fruity, slightly spicy aroma from authentic Belgian Abbey yeast. The subtle nutty and malty sweet flavors sing in harmony with the freshest organic hops available. ABV 5.5%

Victory Golden Monkey Tripel - (Pennsylvania):

Strong and sensual, this golden, Belgian-style ale glows. The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach and overall light body. Abundant herbal, fruity notes make this one to savor. ABV 9.5%

Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue) - Chimay, Belgium- 1862

Authentic Trappist Beer Only 6 Trappist abbeys left in the world All are located in Belgium, under supervision of monks, who devote the majority of their earnings to help people in need Dark Beer with a powerful aroma Complex taste and ages very well Ideally served at cellar temperature (10 to 12 *C or 50 to 54 *F) ABV 9%

Chimay Premier Ale (Red) - #6781 6/4 11.2oz NR Chimay, Belgium- 1862

Authentic Trappist beer Only 6 Trappist abbeys left in the world All are located in Belgium, under supervision of monks, who devote the majority of their earnings to help people in need Copper Brown Color Very fruity, mellow taste First to be created by Trappist monks of Chimay Secondary fermentation, non pasteurized Fruity nose of black currents with undertones of nutmeg and vanilla ABV 7%

St Martin Blonde - Belgium

Aromas of caramel and liquorice, dark beer, drink at room temperature ABV 8% – $10

Corsendonk Brown - Belgium

Rich robust bottled conditioned ale in the classic abbey dubbel style. Yeasty and malty with a slightly smoky bouquet ABV 7.5%

Unibrew La Fin Du Monde - Canada

“The End of the World” Slightly tart with the balanced flavors of wild spices, malt and hops. ABV 9%

Unibrew Terrible - Canada

La Terrible possesses a fruity aroma enriched with notes of roasted malt and Madeira. It’s long lasting flavor is both elegant and full-bodied. ABV 10.5% (750ml)

Brooklyn Lager - Brooklyn, New York, 1988

Lager beer, “Vienna” style Displays a firm malt center supported by a fine bitterness and floral hop aroma Aromatic Qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation Food Pairing- Steaks, salads, pizza, burgers, Mexican food, roasted chicken, barbecue, fried fish, pork, and Chinese dishes ABV 5.2%

Abita Amber - Abita Springs, Louisiana - 1986

Munich style lager Smooth, malty, caramel flavor, rich amber color A favorite of New Orleans’ chefs Brewed with crystal malt and Perle hops Abita’s 1st brew and best seller ABV 4.5%

Abita Turbo Dog - Abita Springs, Louisiana- 1986

#2 seller outside of Louisiana Dark brown ale Sweet chocolate-toffee flavor Chef Emeril Lagasse’s favorite beer ABV 5.6%

Bell's Amber - Kalamazoo, Michigan - 1985

Bell’s flagship beer made from mostly pale malt with some Munich and caramel malts. A slightly sweet flavor that is balanced by a mélange of American hops The result is a deep copper color and a rich, sweet flavor unlike any other ABV 5.8%

Brooklyn Brown Ale - Brooklyn, New York, 1988

A combination of strong and dry ale with a milder and sweeter ale American accent in the form of a firm hop character and roasty palate Blend of six malts, deep russet-brown color and complex malt flavor, fruity, smooth and rich, with a caramel, chocolate and coffee background Food Pairing- Great with steaks, burgers, stews, and barbecue ABV 5.6%

Brooklyn Local 1 - Brooklyn, New York, 1988

Barley malt and hops from Germany, aromatic raw sugar from Mauritius and yeast from Belgium Full Golden Color 100% bottle re-fermentation, a practice now rarely found Pairs well with spicy seafood and fine cheeses ABV 9.0% (750ml)

Brooklyn Local 2 - Brooklyn, New York, 1988

Combination of European malt and hops Belgian dark sugar, and raw wildflower honey Belgian yeast adds hints of spice to the dark fruit, caramel, and chocolate flavors 100% bottle re-fermentation, the beer reveals a dry complexity, enjoyed by itself or with dinner ABV 8.2% (750ml)

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace - Brooklyn, New York, 1988

Saison-style Ale Uses the unique hop variety “Sorachi Ace” a cross between the British Brewers Gold and the Czech Saaz varieties Fermented with Brooklyn’s own Belgian ale strain A strong aroma of spicy lemon zest Finishes with a clean malt flavor Food Pairings – BBQ and seafood ABV 6.5% (750ml)

Chimay Cinq Cents (White) - Chimay, Belgium- 1862

Authentic Trappist Beer only 6 Trappist abbeys left in the world All are located in Belgium, under supervision of monks, who devote the majority of their earnings to help people in need The most refreshing of the Chimay beers Characterized by a subtle dryness in response to liberal use of aromatic hops Golden in color, and blends mellowness and bitterness. It is served chilled at 6 and 8*C or 42 to 46 *F ABV 8%

Singha - Bangkok, Thailand - 1933

The Quintessential Asian Beer. Distinctively rich taste and refreshing lager beer Well balanced with pronounced hop characters 100% European and Australian barley malt Utilizes the noble Saaz hop for flavor and aroma A true taste of Thailand ABV 5%

Well's Bombardier

Ingredients: Water from the brewery well; ‘Maris Otter’ malt (crushed, not ground); Fuggles and Goldings hops, sampled by hand. (England) 4.7 ABV (16oz Can)

Fullers ESB - England.

Strong and aromatic, this ale has great character. A full-bodied maltiness and rich hoppiness are immediately evident and develop into a deep fruitiness. ABV 5.9%

Fullers London Pride - England.

An excellent medium strength ale with a strong malty base and rich balance of well developed hop flavors. One of the most respected and cherished ales of Britain! ABV 4.7%

Napa Smith Amber Ale - USA.

Seven malt varieties and three unique selections of hops in order to achieve deep complex flavors. The taste starts slightly sweet and then progresses to a clean, dry finish. ABV 4.9%

Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard - USA

Brought forth upon an unsuspecting public in 1997, Arrogant Bastard Ale openly challenged the tyrannical overlords who were brazenly attempting yo keep Americans chained in the shackles of poor taste. As the progenitor of its style, Arrogant Bastard Ale has reveled in its unprecedented and uncompromising celebration of intensity. There have been many nods to Arrogant Bastard Ale… even outright attempts to copy it… but only one can ever embody the true nature of liquid Arrogance! To this end, we bring you the “OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale”. We give you a reward for those seeking new sources of passion, and another point of dissension for those who are not. ABV 7.2%

Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale - USA

The walnut or hazelnut notes in Nut Brown Ale come from dark malts and from fermentation in Yorkshire Square – no nuts are used in the recipe. Dry, medium-bodied; the Sam Smith Ale yeast strain gives fruity note to the finish. ABV 5%

Shipyard Export Ale

The flagship of Shipyard Company, is a fullbodied, with a hint of sweetness upfront, a subtle and distinctive hop taste, and a very clean finish. ABV 5%

Rogue Hazel Nut Brown

A nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale this dark, brown ale has a hazelnut aroma, with a rich, nutty flavor and a smooth, malty finish. ABV 6.2%

Honey Brown - Brewed in Rochester New York 1994

Premium barley, hops and pure Manitoba White Clover Honey to produce a great tasting, medium bodied lager. ABV 4.5%

Key West Sunset Ale - Melbourne, Florida 2005.

Sunset Ale is an American medium-bodied amber ale brewed with a tropical twist. It is brewed with apple and caramel malts, blended with hops, to create crisp, satisfying taste. ABV 4.8%

Victory Helios

impressions that range from lemon peel to black pepper, though such spices are not added. (Pennsylvania) 7.5% ABV – $15

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IPA Beers - (India Pale Ale)

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

60 Minute is a session India Pale Ale brewed with a slew of great NorthWest hops. A powerful, but balanced East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character. Citrus, cedar, pine & candied-orange flavors, floral. (Delaware) ABV 6%

Terrapin Hopsecutioner India Pale Ale - (Georgia)

This killer IPA earns its name by using six different types of hops while still remaining an aggressive well balanced beer. 7.2%

Bells Two Hearted - Kalamazoo, Michigan- 1985

India Pale Ale Available Year Round American Malts and enormous hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma ABV 7.0%

Harpoon IPA - Boston, Massachusetts- 1987

India Pale Ale Copper colored ale is floral, medium-bodied with a distinct hop finish Harpoon’s best selling beer Food paring suggestions: grilled seafood, Thai food, spicy chicken 5.9% ABV

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA - Chico, California- 1980

Big American IPA Bold Assertive and full of flavor Reddish: Gold Color Aromas highlighting the complex citrus, pine and herbal character of whole-cone American hops ABV 7.2%

Stone IPA - USA.

An “India Pale Ale” by definition is highly hopped and high in alcohol – you’ll find our Stone India Pale to be true to style with a huge hop aroma, flavor and bitterness throughout. If you’re a hop-head like us, then you’ll love our Stone India Pale Ale! Medium malt character with a heavy dose of over the top hops! Generous “dry hopping” gives this beer its abundant hop aroma and crisp hop flavor. ABV 6.9%

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Wheat Beers

Hope Helle Weisse:

this classic wheat beer has a slightly fruity taste, is golden yellow in colour and a light yeast haze, topped by a fine head. Its unique character is thanks to Hopf’s own pure yeast culture (Germany) 5.3% ABV

Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale - Maine:

A unique contribution to the fruit ale category features the nutty quench of wheat ale combined with the delightful aromatics and subtle fruit flavor contributed by Maine wild blueberries. ABV 4.6 %

Bell's Oberon - Kalamazoo, Michigan- 1985

Available Year Round An American wheat ale brewed with Saaz hops Spicy and fruity, Oberon is the color and scent of a sunny afternoon ABV 5.8%

Erdinger Weissbier Dark - Germany. A distinctive and mildly spicy dunkelweiss.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat - Boston, Massachusetts. 1995.

Combines Michigan cherries with a large portion of wheat malt. A small amount of honey enhances the natural sweetness of cherries. ABV 5.3%

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis - Chico, California- 1980

Wheat Beer – Traditional Bavarian style of open fermentation Deeply complex , with rich flavors reminiscent of ripe banana and spicy clove This hazy-golden beer glows with suspended yeast creating a velvety texture ABV 4.8%

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Porter Beers

Mississippi Mud - Utica, New York

Combines a robust English Porter with a fine American Pilsner, preserving character of each while creating the classic taste of the legendary “Black and Tan” This beer is light, with a mild bouquet, decent body with a bittersweet flavor (32oz Bottle)

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter - Tadcaster, England- 1758

Full, rich, dark; velvet mouthfeel. Rich creamy head, deep chocolate color Very dark, fairly full in body and packed with flavor Intense, dry tangy character of roasted barley Best if paired with, Oysters on a half shell, Rockefeller or Cajun style clams, mussels, lobster bisque and other shellfish, veal with green peppercorns, porterhouse steaks, and chocolate ABV 5%

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Who would have thought deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Madagascar grew the perfect ingredient to build an extraordinary Porter in Colorado? An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure, real vanilla bean. Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter. A vanilla kiss in a rich, dark sea. ABV 4.7%

Fuller's London Porter - England.

A rich, dry porter, the way is it should always be made! ABV 5.4%

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Stout Beers

Victory Storm King Imperial Stout - (Pennsylvania):

With a huge, Pacific Northwest hop aroma & character upfront, Storm King subsides into massive, roast malt complexity. Rich and substantial, it will warm your heart. 9.1%

Young's Double Chocolate Stout - (England):

Luxurious and at the same time with a hint of decadence, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout has it all, delivering a satisfying, indulgent taste without ever becoming overly sweet. ABV 5.2%

Bells Kalamazoo Stout - Kalamazoo, Michigan- 1985

American Stout Available Year Round Offers a blend of dark chocolate and coffee flavors with just a hint of brewer’s licorice Successfully balances a significant hop presence against the roast malt body The brewer’s licorice used is gelatin-free, making it acceptable for vegetarians ABV 6%

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout - Tadcaster, England- 1758

Oatmeal stout was described as nutritional on early labels Oats are in the same family as barley, and a small addition yields great flavor Almost opaque, with an unusually silky texture and complex, medium-dry velvet palate Bittersweet finish Pizza and salad, Italian foods, steamed clams, grilled ahi tuna, lobster with drawn butter, steak, ploughman’s lunch, crumpets, shish- kebabs, vegetable ragout and eggs Florentine, dark flavorful bread and aged Stilton Serve at 55 degrees Platinum Medal, World Champion Oatmeal Stout-World Beer Championship ABV 5%

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Lambic Beers

Lindeman's Lambic Framboise (Raspberry) - Viezenbeek, Belgium - 1811

Style-Raspberry Lambic. Color-Rose. Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and vegetables were used to season beers Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste Food parings: Chocolate desserts (especially chocolate decadence), fresh raspberries, ice cream with a raspberry demi-glaze sauce, créme caramel, baked Alaska, Olympia oysters, caviar Gold Medal-World Beer Championships ABV 2.5%

Lindeman's Lambic Kriek (Cherry) - Viezenbeek, Belgium - 1811

Style-Cherry Lambic. Color-Rose. Lindemans has brewed Kriek since 1811 Bouquet of freshly harvested cherries; sparkling, smooth, fruity and refreshing, finishing dry. As an aperitif in place of dry sherry, with carbonnade a la beouf, mussels in white wine or Gueuze, flavorful cheeses Platinum Medal, World Champion Lambic-World Beer Championships ABV 4%

Lindeman's Lambic Pêche (Peach) - Viezenbeek, Belgium - 1811

Style-Peach Lambic Color-Golden Golden in color; with a nose that fills the room with fresh peaches. Sparkling, crisp and refreshing balance of fruit and acid Food Parings- Peach Melba, peaches in brandy, pear tarts, salad Nicoise, sorbet, egg rolls, peach cobbler, Waldorf salad, haroses, free-run chicken, crepes, Belgian waffles Gold Medal-World Beer Championships ABV 4%

Timmerman's Strawberry Lambic:

not over-sweet, finishing on a fruity note of strawberries (Belgium) 4% ABV

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Crispin Original Hard Cider

Naturally fermented using a premium apple juice blend, never concentrate No added sugar, color, or preservatives Best served over ice 170 Calories Gluten Free ABV 5%

Crispin Honey Crisp Cloudy Hard Cider

Small batch, hand-crafted, super-premium hard apple cider Smoothed with real organic honey for a rich, creamy, and full-bodied taste Tilt and swirl the bottle before opening. Gluten Free ABV 6.5% – (22oz Can)

Crispin Browns Lane

Named after the original Jaguar car factory in England 100% pressed, fermented, and produced in England Dark straw in appearance with a semi-brilliant richness Lightly sparkling, crisp cider made with traditional English bittersweet cider apples Gluten Free ABV 5.8% – (16oz Can)

Fox Barrel Pacific Pear

Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from concentrate Filtered cold for extra purity, and smoothed with pear juice No added colorants, sugar, malt, or spirits Gluten Free 120 Calories ABV 4.5%

Magners Cider County - Tipperary, Ireland - 1935.

No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners have been added to Magners. Magners is the only Irish cider in US. Unlike some other ciders, Magners is made using fresh apples. Each one of our 17 carefully selected varieties are grown in our beautiful Irish orchards and local farms. We use only natural products. Magners is Gluten-Free. A 12 oz Original Magners cider contains only 125 calories. Magners contains 4.5% alcohol

Magners Pear Cider - County Tipperary, Ireland - 1935

No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners have been added to Magners Pear. Magners is the only Irish pear cider in US. Unlike some other ciders, Magners is made using fresh pears. We use only natural products. Magners is Gluten-Free. A 12 oz Original Magners cider contains only 125 calories. Magners contains 4.5% alcohol

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Non-Alcoholic & Tea

Buckler - 1988.

Beer of choice of Joe Biden at “The Beer Summit” Distributed by Heineken USA. Low ABV 5%

St. Pauli Girl NA - Bremen, Germany.

For those that prefer a non-alcoholic Girl, St. Pauli Non Alcoholic (NA) has a pleasant hop aroma, a well-balanced malt flavor, crisp hop finish and the taste of an imported beer without the alcohol. This NA has been a Gold Medal winner for the American Tasting Institute Best Imported Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage. ABV 4.9%

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Twisted Tea - Brewed in Boston Massachusetts. 2001.

Brewed by Sam Adams. Real iced tea made from a select blend of teas and real lemons. Dare to be a little Twisted? ABV 5%

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